Legislative Proposals

To submit a legislative proposal for SACRS to consider, you will need the following information for each submission:

  • Title of Issue
  • Retirement association/system
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone number
  • Contact Email address
  • Description of issue
  • Recommended solution
  • Specific language that you would like changed in, or added to, ’37 Act Law, and suggested code section number(s)
  • Why should the proposed legislation be sponsored by SACRS rather than by your individual retirement association/system?
  • Do you anticipate that the proposed legislation would create any major problems such as conflicting with Proposition 162 or create a problem with any of the other 19 SACRS retirement associations/systems?
  • Who will support or oppose this proposed change in the law?
  • Who will be available from your association/system to testify before the Legislature?