Affiliate Guidelines


Affiliate members are retirement/investment-related organizations or non-profit organizations having an active interest in SACRS' purpose.

The State Association of County Retirement Systems (SACRS) seeks Affiliate members that have our Association's best interests in mind –trustworthy and collaborative, open to mentoring our trustees, and eager to participate simply for the benefit of the Association at large. 

If you are considering applying for Affiliate membership, please familiarize yourself with our detailed Affiliate Guidelines below. 


The Affiliate Guidelines are being updated, please check back for the most up to date version. 


Affiliate Committee Nominations

The application process for SACRS Affiliate Committee is now open. The SACRS Affiliate Committee terms have been updated to reflect the election cycle of the SACRFS Board of Directors. Please use the following link to complete an application to be considered to serve on the SACRS Affiliate Committee. 

Affiliate Committee Member Application

Affiliate Committee Member Nominations Notice

The deadline to submit your interest in serving on the SACRS Affiliate Committee is March 1st. The SACRS Affiliate Committee Chair will contact members that submitted an interest in serving on the Committee after March 25th. The current SACRS Affiliate Committee will hold their vote at the Spring Conference on May 8, 2024. New Affiliate Committee Members will begin their term June 1. 

Minimum Qualifications to Serve on the SACRS Affiliate Committee -  Affiliate Members (individuals) that wish to serve on the SACRS Affiliate Committee must have been Affiliate members in good standing for at least four (4) years or attended at least eight (8) SACRS Conferences.