Membership FAQs

Still not certain if SACRS membership is right for you? We hope you'll find the answer among the responses to these frequently asked questions.

To become a SACRS member, complete the online membership application form, or download the application and follow the instructions for submitting it.

Affiliate membership may be extended to a retirement-related business or institutional investment-related organization. Non-Profit membership is comprised of two distinct tiers as follows: Non-Profit Retirement Systems defined as public retirement systems not eligible for regular membership. Non-Profit Organizations defined as organizations other than public retirement systems

Yes. Once you submit your Affiliate membership application your organization will be placed on the waiting list. Affiliate membership is limited to no more than 215 organizations. The waiting period to become an Affiliate member is approximately two years. Members of your organization are encouraged to attend the SACRS conferences as a Non-Member.

Each Affiliate member organization can have up to two employee representatives under their membership. The representatives will be responsible for disseminating all SACRS information to the appropriate employees of the organization and making sure that the organization complies with all SACRS policies.

SACRS accepts personal and business checks. We also offer members the ability to pay via ACH or wire transfer.

Membership is on an annual basis. Dues are paid annually on a fiscal year basis. Annual fees are due and payable July 1, and are delinquent as of July 31 of each year.

Affiliate $1,500
Non-Profit Retirement Systems $1,800
Non-Profit Organizations $300
System Medium* $4,000
System Large* $6,000

*Large Systems are those with assets exceeding $4 billion. Those with assets of less than $4 billion are considered Medium Systems.